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Warriors of Peace

Angels of Mercy
The Guild of Angels.

Who They Are: A group of dimension-hopping beings who embody the powers and/or spirits of true Angels, seeking those who need their assistance.

Mission: They are who care for and love those who need it and have nowhere to turn. They heal, love, and protect.

Basic Characteristics: They walk surrounded by a slight shimmer in the air around them, and never truly rest in shadow. Not angel angels like from the heavens, but a race of beings who are similar and recruits made to be like them, lead by Kale and his love, Layla.


One of the founders of the Guild, Kale is a warrior, and is a great protector of defender of the weak, abused, or needy.

Personality: Disiplined but warm, he is a fountain of wisdom and strength for all who need him. Has the heart of a poet.

- - - - -

The oldest of the female Guild members, Layla was the other co-founder of the organization. Deeply fond of love and affection, she specializes in healing broken hearts.

Personality: Warm, regal, and wise.

- - - - -

Once from a mutant-filled reality, Stephanie became an Angel when her reality was destroyed, taking with it her family and fiance. Stephanie was pitched into an alternate universe where she was found and rescued by Kale, and became an Angel on account of her gift of healing.

Personality: Calm and generous, she will spend great lengths of time with anybody she feels needs it. Very patient.

- - - - -

Spends his time aiding and guarding places and peoples that capture his attention. A little less a full member of the Guild.

Personality: Free, strong-willed, but very giving and focused.

- - - - -

Maya comes from a world of telepathic, long living beings.

Personality: A heart of gold, with a bubbly, entergetic personality, Maya is both lively and experianced,

- - - - -

Hailing form a darker world, Shay has many angelic qualities, but her underlying feeling is darker, though not evil. She is considered Dark Angel, but is often found helping those of Darker pursuasions to the lighter side of life, or at least helping them the best she can.

Personality: More reserved and mysterious, she is quiet but set in her beliefs and peronality.

- - - - -

One of the youngest of the Guild, Troy is from an Earth long lost, but was bestowed his status by Kale for his belief and determination to improve any land he stumbled upon in his travels.

Personality: A little unsure of himself at times, but always with nothing but the best intentions at heart, Troy is unwilling to do anything that may cause confrontation or grief for anybody.

- - - - -

A reserved being is a piller of strength best left admired or hid behind, he is capeable of speech, but there are few alive or dead who have ever heard him utter a syllable. It is believed he has a voice that could heal worlds.

Personality: Extremely wihdrawn and secretive, he will spare no expence and not rest until a chosen mission is completed. He cares very deeply for those he chooses to bond with, and though he is a being of little words, he is very active and always ready for travel, game, or movement. He seems to have a special softness for children.